You are a group insurance and group annuities advisor or a financial security advisor;

You have a group insurance and group annuities portfolio or you want to develop a group insurance and group annuities practice;

We have the solution!

Our service proposal


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A punctual Bulletin, to inform our clients about current issues in our industry with regards to the different social laws, legislative changes and recent trends in the market.

The Newsletters: RAMQ and Drug Insurance Pooling, to inform our clients about the prices of the public plan and once a year, present the new risk pooling terms under the General Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (GPDIP).

The Health Profile: we prepare, based on your personalized health profile, tools that will allow you to start a prevention program in your company.

Useful links are a great source of information specifically about health and group plans. They are updated regularly and available to all.

You are already a Group Censeo’s affiliated advisor, we have put at your disposal useful documents accessible at all times.