You are a group insurance and group annuities advisor or a financial security advisor;

You have a group insurance and group annuities portfolio or you want to develop a group insurance and group annuities practice;

We have the solution!

Our service proposal


Available on our documentation & useful links page.

A punctual Bulletin, to inform our clients about current issues in our industry with regards to the different social laws, legislative changes and recent trends in the market.

The Newsletters: RAMQ and Drug Insurance Pooling, to inform our clients about the prices of the public plan and once a year, present the new risk pooling terms under the General Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (GPDIP).

The Health Profile: We prepare, based on your personalized health profile, tools that will allow you to start a prevention program in your company.

Useful links are a great source of information specifically about health and group plans. They are updated regularly and available to all.

Our Info Capsule, published occasionally, provides practical tips for group plans administrators.

My Wellness Connection: Produced every month, aims to “prevent rather than cure”. The information conveyed by our newsletters is oriented towards employees to arouse their curiosity and promote healthy lifestyles in order to maintain or improve their physical and psychological shape.